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Jun 21, 2015

Being Young

So anyhow, it is Sunday and I was reading in a cafe and updating my journal on all the things that I did this weekend.  It was Father's day, and as a gift, I had one of my small water colors framed for him.  Since I was journalling I was in a rather reflective mood and put this little poem together.  I like to write poetry from time to time because it takes less time than writing a short story for example.  Its also good practice I think!  I do admit that my poems can be a bit moody as well as being more stream of consciousness...

Because I am young
I don't see the cracks growing
in the pavement
or along the sides of my eyes
as I laugh or smile

I tire of my friends
not knowing that tomorrow
I will not see them

I pull my hair back
from my face
without realizing
that the next time
I wear it down
it will be salted with grey

Because I am young
hope is the daily stimulant
that I drink
over morning tea or coffee

Jun 11, 2015

The Fall

wings clipped disgraced
i fall from the sky
an other daring to fly
to hieghts unknown
eyes always high

dreamers in wide circles
returning always to the same
like a figure eight
out to eternities gate
the stars light fades
for weary eyes
that have grown tired
of ambitions pride

and what if nothing still exists
as much as silence
in a morning mist

the brain
its thoughts, its musings
are no more myself
than my feet
and my hearts
deepest yearnings