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Jun 21, 2015

Being Young

So anyhow, it is Sunday and I was reading in a cafe and updating my journal on all the things that I did this weekend.  It was Father's day, and as a gift, I had one of my small water colors framed for him.  Since I was journalling I was in a rather reflective mood and put this little poem together.  I like to write poetry from time to time because it takes less time than writing a short story for example.  Its also good practice I think!  I do admit that my poems can be a bit moody as well as being more stream of consciousness...

Because I am young
I don't see the cracks growing
in the pavement
or along the sides of my eyes
as I laugh or smile

I tire of my friends
not knowing that tomorrow
I will not see them

I pull my hair back
from my face
without realizing
that the next time
I wear it down
it will be salted with grey

Because I am young
hope is the daily stimulant
that I drink
over morning tea or coffee


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