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Apr 3, 2018

Easter of them All

This was one of the most amazing Easter's that I have spent with my family and I left it all behind with no pictures!  The day started out a normal one.  I woke up in my parent's spare bedroom later than I would have liked and went for a run around the block to get my day started.  I helped prepare the Easter dinner by running errands and helping to finish putting together the fruit salad.  When my sister and her family arrived I was freshly changed into my spring Easter skirt.  We immediately gave my darling niece her Easter basket and presents.  I had given her a soft stuffed bunny with a paper machet egg filled with painted wooden eggs and a smaller stuffed bunny that she carried around with her everywhere.

My Dad's garden is amazing.  All of the fruit trees are blooming and it is a great joy to be outside lazing around in the Spring heat.  My dad had hid all of the Easter eggs and we all enjoyed watching Lupine look for and find all of the hidden eggs.  Before the end of the day we were stuffed full of chocolate, cheese, and appetizers.   The Easter dinner was excellent.  Ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and a delicious fruit salad.  After the dinner we went for a walk.  This was one of the nicest Easters I have spent together with my family.

Easter chocolate candy from my Mother