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Oct 9, 2009

Wednesday San Gimgnano!

Wednesday was the day that I was especially looking forward to. After the morning session, a field trip to San Gimgnano was scheduled. I was so excited. San Gimgnano is the small hilltop town that is featured in the movie "Tea with Mussolini". In the movie, a group of cute older English ladies were imprisoned there. I couldn't wait to see it. For some reason, perhaps because of the rain, the day was exceptionally beautiful. The light and the colors were so bright and perfect. I preferred the farming areas surrounding the area of San Gimgnano because they did not plow over their fields. There were many vineyards and olive orchards, so there were very few exposed areas of earth, unlike Volterra. When we arrived at the city we had a guided tour. Since there were so many people it was hard to pay attention and I mostly just concentrated on taking pictures. My favorite part of the tour was taking pictures of the landscapes, they were absolutely breathtaking. In San Gimgnano, there are many towers which were built by wealthy families. There are two twin towers which appear to be the architectural inspiration for the two towers that were in new york. I really liked the old fountains in the center of the town squares, I threw in a coin into the wishing well which I saw featured in the movie, it was fantastic.


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