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Jul 15, 2008

Thesis Chatter

I haven't written in my blog for two years! I am just writing to keep my blog active. I am currently writing my thesis that I have been working on for 6 years. Can you imagine? It is a very daunting task and a bit intimidating considering the amount of material that has accumulated over this time. Of course most of the work is already written up in reports, a modest journal article, and a conference paper, but putting everything together in one coherent document will be a challenge. And of course the introduction will be the hardest part to write. The funny thing is that I always write the introductions first because it gives me a sense of focus when I am putting the document together. It is a rule to write introductions last, but in my case if I did that than the chapters just wouldn't flow quite right. I am actually enjoying writing the thesis and it is actually more enjoyable that putting together a journal article. In the thesis you have a chance to tell more of a story so its nice. There is also a sense of completion, that the work is coming to a finish. One thing about research is that it feels like it never ends. You go from one problem to the next and there is always a next problem or an aspect of the current problem that you feel obligated to address.


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