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Oct 6, 2009

Monday in Colle Valle d'Elsa

On Monday I decided to be adventurous and take a bus to the small town of Colle Valle d'Elsa, near Volterra. Two conference colleagues from Germany decided to join. The bus to the town did not leave until 1:15 pm in the early afternoon, so we had some time to walk around Volterra. We took a tour of the old Roman amphetheater in Volterra. It was really beautiful in the morning. You could tell that there had been quite a bit of reconstruction, but it was very nice. I really enjoyed the bus ride through the countryside to Colle Valle d'Elsa. There was a sculptor who had decided place some sculptures along the Tuscany countryside. It was really fun to see them. The town of Colle Valle d'Elsa is known for their crystal. When we arrived we only had 4 hours to walk around the Centro Storico before we had to head back on the bus. When we arrived back to Volterra, there was no shuttle back to the conference site so we had to walk. I really enjoyed the walk through the countryside, it was very relaxing and the air quality is excellent. The walk only took 20 minutes which was nice since I was already really tired.


At 9:26 AM, Blogger F.F said...

wow, amazing pictures!

your day trip sounds very relaxing :) how is the weather?

At 9:30 AM, Anonymous Fatemeh said...

oops, I guess my name did not show up in the last comment! it's Fatemeh!! hehe

At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks idyllic. Has the conference started?

At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Jesus said...

Nice pics, i like the circle in the middle of the dirt. Ruth presents tomorrow Oct. 8. Good luck ruthie!

At 4:44 PM, Anonymous Fatemeh said...

Best of luck Ruth!! I'm sure you'll do great :)


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